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Teaching Algebra 1: A Guide for Homeschooling Parents

Introduction Table of Contents Sample Sections

Our Approach

Teaching Algebra 1 is the companion text to Essential Algebra 1. Like the student edition, it isn't your parent's math book. The standard teacher's edition of a textbook is usually little more than a carbon copy of the student version with some additional notes and answers to the chapter exercises. This book is not that.

This book is intended as a supplement to the student book. The sections provide an overview of the material, give it context within the rest of the book and provide teaching ideas and material for further discussion. It presents useful additional information but doesn't include a complete copy of the student's text. To do this, I've broken up each section into up to seven categories:

In this Section These brief descriptions give a quick English language outline of what the section covers along with how it ties to previous and future sections.
Learning Objectives This section lists the specific objects that the students will be learning.
Required Material If you're following along with the student's text then you should already have covered all of the required material. If you're using this book as a supplement to another program then you can use the information in this section to make sure that you've already covered everything you need to know for the material that will be discussed.
Teaching Suggestions This is where you'll find the real curriculum material items to discuss, different ways of looking at the material, problem solving methods and shortcuts.
Common Errors Over years of teaching we've learned that there are certain mistakes that students often make. This section describes those errors so you know what to steer your students away from. This information can also be a helpful resource when your students get a wrong answer and you need help explaining why the problem can't be solved the way they tried to do it.
Additional Examples This section gives additional worked out examples for each section. We provide a wide selection of examples in the student's book but sometimes there are one or two concepts that you want to see done again. These problems can also be given to your students as practice problems that you can work through together before they start working independently on the problems in the Exercises section.
Exercises Solutions In this section, you'll find complete solutions (not just the final answers) to every question in the student's text.