Our classrooms section has a variety of free classrooms for use by students and their teachers. Our Short Courses are quick reviews of material that you'll find in other classes such as using linear equations and working with polynomials. They contain multiple examples and lists of steps for common procedures and have our signature dynamic practice areas that generate an almost unlimited number of practice questions along with their complete solutions. The classes in the Supplemental Curriculum take students through material not normally convered in a middle school or high school curriculum through a series of lectures that include real world applications and interactive modules.

Full CourseIn DepthShort CourseSupplemental Curriculum

Calculus 1

college (lower division)

How fast is a function changing? It's a deceptively simple question that has applications in fields from physics to economics. First semester calculus, develops techniques for answering this question and looks at a variety of related applications.

Discrete Math (In Progress)


Discrete Math is a broad term that covers any field that works with discrete sets of objects. There are a lot of very distinct fields that meet that description. In this class, we''re going to touch on a selection of those fields including logic, set theory, sequences, combinatorics, number theory and finite state machines. Our focus is going to be on giving a survey of each topic with an eye toward computer science applications and introducing students to the basics of writing mathematical proofs
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