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Linear Equations Short Course

Welcome to our short course on linear equations. In this course, we'll be covering the fundamental algebraic concepts related to lines in a series of four chapters:

  1. Properties covers the two basic properties that define a line: the slope and the y-intercept.
  1. Equations reviews the different forms of the equation of a line and how to find the equation of a line through a pair of points.
  1. Special Cases goes over unusual situations like vertical/horizontal lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines.
  1. Intersections covers methods for find the intersection of a pair of lines, also known as "solving a system of linear equations.

Prior Knowledge

This class covers a wide range of topics at a wide variety of levels. The first four chapters are what would be covered in an introductory high school or undergraduate algebra class. The next three sections come from high school 'Algebra 2' or an undergraduate College Algebra class. The modeling and approximation material uses first and second semester calculus and a few topics from graduate level analysis.

Time to Completion

While the class includes some practice material and questions, it's not really intended as a complete, step-by-step course. It's more useful as a supplement if you need more information on a specific topic or method that's being covered in another class.

Technologies Used

We try to keep it simple but there are some things that we need to provide the interactive content that makes our classes special. Fortunately everything you need, including JavaScript and HTML5 compatability, is available in every modern browser.

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