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Linear Equations Short Course

linear equations

Welcome to our short course on linear equations. In this course, we'll be covering the fundamental algebraic concepts related to lines in a series of four chapters:

  1. Properties covers the two basic properties that define a line: the slope and the y-intercept.
  2. Equations reviews the different forms of the equation of a line and how to find the equation of a line through a pair of points.
  3. Special Cases goes over unusual situations like vertical/horizontal lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines.
  4. Intersections covers methods for find the intersection of a pair of lines, also known as "solving a system of linear equations."

What's a Short Course?

White Crane Education's short courses are focused summaries of specific topics intended for students who need a quick review or a different perspective on a specific concept or technique. These classes also include our signature dynamic content that gives students the opportunity to work through a wide variety of sample problems.

Technologies Used

We try to limit the technologies that are used in each classroom to the minimum required to get the job done. The combinatorics classroom uses only JavaScript which all modern browsers support.

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