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Equations with Radicals

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Radical equations come in two forms: ones that have an actual radical or root and ones that have the radical written using a fractional exponents. Technically, you can always switch back and forth between the two forms but that isn't necessary if you use the appropriate solution method. In this sequence of lectures, we're going to look at methods for solving equations with actual radicals in them starting with equations that have just one then expanding them method to equations that have two.

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Solving equations with radicals are ultimately all based on the same method that we're going to start off with in this lecture: manipulate the equation to the point where you can eliminate the radical by raising both sides to a power.
Now that we can solve equations with one radical, the net step is to think about equations with two. The process here is very similar to what we do when there's a single one, we just have to do it more than once.

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